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Established in 2004, Professional Educators Limited (Pro-Ed) is a publicly incorporated company founded by a group of scholars, educators, corporate and intellectual professionals of high reputation. The corporate office of Professional Educators Limited is situated at Mid-Baneshwor-31 Kathmandu, Nepal. The board members as well as the founders of Professional Educators Limited comprise of the renowned professors, professionals and academicians who have served at the distinguished designations in diverse corporate sectors, government offices, and universities in Nepal and abroad. As a publically incorporated organization, the Assembly of General Members (AGM) is the final constitutional body of Professional Educators Limited authorized to elect the Board of Directors at the interval of every four years. AGM of Pro-Ed Limited delegates and authorizes the BODs for decisions on governance, institutional expansion, and structural and functional changes that by law are to be proposed by the BOD in favour of the company betterment and development. 

The corporate objective of Pro-Ed Ltd. is to manage schools, colleges and research institutions with a sole intent being to offer quality education in a disciplined environment keeping the cost at an affordable scale. Under the patronage and direct management of the most renowned professors and educators, Pro-Ed Ltd. is all set to produce talented, hard-working and visionary individuals who are well nurtured at the strength of quality educational process so as to prepare them to cope with future challenges and also work for constructive changes at large.

The company is governed in guidance of 21st century academic vision; to manage, to operate; and to deliver latent disciplines of education that might include the academic programs in general to professional management, science and other streams from school to University level and within other educating mechanisms such as professional skill enhancement programs and courses, and more as permissible within the company-act under the legal framework of current constitution of Nepal. Pro-Ed Limited as a holding company of different educational and institutional entities functions as the supreme body to draft policy, strategies and procedures with a special emphasis for the development of modern academic institutions and systems as its fundamental objective. This very goal is embraced by Pro-Ed Ltd in the ownership, creation, and management of advance educational programs of professional significance operated under the executive leadership of individual academic institutions from school and higher education. Founded with the long term vision to develop and stabilize quality education framed at the par of international standards, Pro-Ed Limited aims to serve today and tomorrow’s aspirant communities of scholars and circles of learning youth with the most demanding education that shall be instrumental to transform the new generations with sound knowledge in their discipline of study and professional field  as required to survive and thrive through the emerging personal, professional and social contexts bringing embedded new competitions in their unprecedented categories on the fore. Within the corporate mission, vision and design, Pro-Ed Limited has concomitantly lent an ownership and manages these renowned educational institutions within its umbrella system; Global College of Management (NEB and TU programs), Valley View English School, Global School of Science, Global College International (MU affiliated programs), and Liberty College ( PU affiliated programs). Each of these institutions under Professional Educators Limited has been among a few selected institutions engrossed and dedicated to delivering quality education in Management and Science and hence, are recognized to be among the most popular academia of the country run under the corporate ownership of Professional Educators Limited. 


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