From the Governing Body

 Dear Stakeholders, 

Founded in 2004, Professional Educators Limited (Pro-Ed limited) is a corporate organization and it is a holding company of nationally renowned academic institutions delivering quality education from school to university level in Nepal. Valley View English School, Global College of Management (TU affiliated) Global College of Management (under NEB), Global College International (MU affiliated), Global School of Science (NEB), and Liberty College (POU affiliated), Global College of Social Science and Technology (GCSST), Uniglobe SS/ College (NEB), and Uniglobe School are currently run under Pro-Ed Limited operate school to university education programs in multiple disciplines of Science, Management, Law, Social Sciences, and Technology.

This is indeed a matter of happiness that Professional Educators and all the academic entities under it, have received tremendous support, dedication, constant trust, and admiration from multiple strata of stakeholders including competent circles of youth and learner communities. Largely impactful responses as these have encouraged us and our teams who are deputed to managing our schools and colleges in achieving superb academic milestones under Pro-Ed Limited. In recognition to its academic legacy, we have witnessed that thousands of potential and competent circles of students from across Nepal, tend to select the schools and colleges under Pro-Ed Limited as their first choice institutions for study and also for exploring their career in the field of Management, Science (A Level and +2 level), Development Studies, Technologies etc. consistently every year.  


As of today, all our schools and colleges under Professional Educators Limited have been successful to earn from masses of students, an impression of being the centers of academic excellence at national and also partly international level. Keeping with the academic policy in priority, Pro-Ed Limited has customized all of its institutions that practice modern education in the student centric model. As such, all the institutions under Pro-Ed Limited assure our students best academic experience, 100% pass results and quality learning outcomes. The major actors among others behind all the academic results are no other than the apt and efficient management team and professionally experienced faculty dedicated to delivering high quality professional service in close collaboration with the students who are geared to bringing the best out of their inner potentials practiced in the most conducive learning environment. Driven to building our academic organizations within collaborative schemes of education and also supported by enlightening guidance of senior academicians and research experts, we are delighted to claim that Professional Educators Limited has succeeded to grow academically as a distinctive version in Nepal. As such, we assure each aspirant candidate that every institution of education from school to university level under Pro-Ed Limited lends all the potential and aspirant scholars and stakeholders extraordinarily active and strong academic platform where you are guaranteed quality learning experience in any program and/or subject of study.  


Our educational endeavors from the governing body of Professional Educators Limited have always centered to carrying forward the academic legacy and it constitutes on delivering market demanded education in Management, Science, Technology, Development Studies, and more… in a design of inclusivity.  To this design, we have our executive teams who are deputed to managing all the institutions under Pro-Ed Limited in quality framework with high sense of professionalism maintained. The program and institution managers are highly capable persons in their respective fields of teaching and professional areas who perform their jobs with knowledge, skill, responsibility, discipline and commitment - the five pillars of success. As a result, it is our pleasure to share that every institution under Pro-Ed Limited has been popular for its stance and success in delivering the best quality education


We believe, achieving the best educational avenues is possible only through   hard-work, caring and dedicated efforts of teachers, management team and leaders of institutions deputed to best coordinate with students, parents and external expert agencies and resources in using their synergies and impactful endeavors. In this direction, we have made systems in every institution under Pro-Ed Limited that ensures to impart education in the design of shared learning collaborations. As such, our school and college teams are highly encouraged   to promoting interactions with all our stakeholders as an effective way to realizing our common mission and it is to institutionalize dynamic systems and processes designed to service quality education. All the academic institutions under Pro-Ed Limited are public entities that advance with the participation of each aspirant youth and hence, we welcome you all to come together with the communities of Professional Educators Limited and dedicated to building education in new perspectives toward achieving quality educational outcomes and career prospects.   


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